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Assess Your Phishing Risk (For Free)

Get Real-Time Data on Missed Phish, No Hardware or Software Needed

Schedule Your Phishing Risk Assessment Today

Which threats bypass your current Email Security controls?

See for yourself — in real-time — what’s getting through your current defenses.

Here’s how our complimentary Phishing Risk Assessments work:

  • The Area 1 Security platform is a fully elastic cloud service, so there is no hardware or software to install. We will get you  set up in minutes with one of our flexible deployment options — without affecting mail flow or impacting your end users.

  • Your dedicated Risk Assessment Manager will keep you updated on progress and flag any critical incidents that require immediate attention.

  • If you decide to move to an inline deployment, you can take immediate action on missed phish via native remediation capabilities to protect your users.

Secure email gateways, cloud email suites, DMARC, and other filters can miss over 30 percent of phishing attack campaigns and threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), malware, and credential harvesters.


Fireproof protects you from sophisticated attacks, and closes the security gap.

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Discover which phishing attacks your current email security systems miss - at no cost and no impact to your end users.
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What You Get: Visibility
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  • Full Access to Area 1 Horizon Portal

  • Threat Types Breakdown

    • Malicious Attachment​

    • Credential Harvester

    • Business Email Compromise

    • Identity Deception

    • Malicious Link

    • Dropper Payload

  • Most Targeted Users

  • Malicious Attachment Forensics

  • Geographic Attack Origins

  • Sanitized Screenshots of Malicious Messages

  • Executive Summary Report

  • Q&A with Senior Security Engineer

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